Target Audience:

Decision Makers in Procurement, Supply Chain &IT: 

  • Commodity Manager

  • Decision Makers Procurement and  IT

  • Personnel  of Supplier´s Accountancy

  • Planners and Dispatchers of the Supply Chain     (optional)

We recommend you  a maximum  number

of 6-8  participants per Workshop

Scope  Procedure  Contents


by phone

Duration: about 30 minutes

Your Time Need:

appr. 6,5 hours per participant


in your company:

Analysis of current situation

Identifying the potential for improvement

Evaluation and prioritization

of the  fields of action 

Definitions of

digital terms

Presentation of current

trends and developments

We work with interactive workshop-methodology as 

Brainstorming and Design-Thinking

Duration: appr. 4 hours

your results: 

Compilation of

digital agenda and roadmap

Strategy recommendation, presentation and explanation

Duration: appr. 2 hours

Total Cost:

€ 4.925,--

Workshop Location:

in your company